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All properties lose heat through their windows. But energy-efficient glazing keeps your home warmer and quieter as well as reducing your energy bills.

Benefits of energy-efficient windows

Lower energy bills.
Smaller carbon footprint.
More comfortable home: energy-efficient glazing reduces heat loss through windows and means fewer draughts and cold spots.
Peace and quiet: as well as keeping the heat in, energy efficient-windows insulate your home against external noise.
Reduced condensation: energy-efficient glazing reduces condensation build-up on the inside of windows



Some of our recent projects

UPVC is rigid and durable and will not rust, peel, flake or rot. It stays smooth in all weather conditions, so it looks great all year round with only an occasional wipe with warm, soapy water.

Many different colours and styles available to suit your specific requirements.

Also choose from -

​Authentic Curves

Sculpted frames

Traditional appeal of timber

Low maintenance

​Clean Lines

Chamfered frames

Straight line and angular edges

Clean contemporary line

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Here at UK seal we will only fit A Rated windows.